Talreja Textiles excels in the manufacture of a wide variety of Fusible Interlinings catering to the varied requirements of the Industry. Product designing and product sampling forms an integral part of our research department. Our product range consists of Interlinings of different varieties from basic to high end qualities dictated by market needs. The on going evolution of our products and also the constant addition of our product range enables us to be a trend setter in the market.
Our Product Range Includes:
1. 100% Cotton Fusible Interlinings with adhesion provided by High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene and Polyamide.
2. Blended fabric Interlinings with adhesives such as Low Density Polyethylene and Polyamides.
3. Interlinings for arabic thobes.
4. Dyed Interlinings in fancy hues and shades.
5. Basic/ Non Fusible Interlinings also know as Sew In Interlinings
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