Talreja Textile Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Fusible Interlinings, cotton or blended, in India promoted by the Talreja group who have been in the business of Interlinings for more than 5 decades.
The company markets its products under its registered established Brand name “Talco” synonymous with high quality and reliability.
Our product line consists of Interlinings for large Export Garment manufacturers who are technically fashion specific as well as for the local garment industry as also for the large number of tailoring establishments spread all over the country especially the rural areas. Our Interlinings brand “Talco” has become their natural and first choice.
The product range is rich and varied and comprises of Interlinings of various counts and constructions engineered to suit the demands of quality and performance required for Brand Talco.
Mission Statement :
>>  Our mission is to give our customers a competitive edge by providing superior products and services at the best possible prices.
>>  To maintain the leadership in the field of Interlinings by fully meeting customer expectations of high quality products at reasonable prices.
>>  To upgrade the technology for better quality and optimum productivity.
>>  To create a healthy work environment for our employees.
>>  To sustain our efforts to create a clean & green environment.
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